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I Take Pride In Every Piece I Do

Among the awards, Sandra Duncan has won for her art are a 2010 Merit Award and 2013 Mayor's Choice Award at The City of Dunedin Art 
Awards, and People's Choice Award at the 2012 and 2013 Kaiapoi Art Exhibitions. Duncan exhibits regularly in Christchurch, Rangiora, Dunedin, and Blenheim, and her first solo exhibition - "Stop - the Housework can Wait" - was held at Chambers Gallery in Rangiora in early 2014.

Sandra is currently based in North Canterbury

A Bit About Me


Sandra Duncan began drawing as a child but did not take up painting 
until early adulthood. The artist has relied on and learnt from the 
advice of several tutors and established artists in her journey - she 
acknowledges the wisdom and encouragement of Grahame Sydney, Gordon 
Sharp, and Margaret Hudson-Ware (among others) in her quest to hone 
her artistic skills.

In her acrylic images of inland hills, the play of light shows the artist's
debt to the work and advice of Grahame Sydney. Duncan's love of
the work of Michael Smither and J.M.W. Turner shines through in her
seascapes. Here, the eye is drawn to the stony beaches, their warmth
and solidity reminiscent of the pebble-strewn slopes of 
Smither's Taranaki landforms. The beaches sit beneath swirling misty skies
which are influenced in their dynamism by the vortices of storm and
light for which Turner is justifiably famous.

Sandra Duncan's acrylic portraits focus broadly on the play of light 
over the wrinkles, angles, and gestures which make a personality, and 
often use deliberate distortion to produce caricature effect. Here, 
another of her artistic inspirations, Francis Bacon, comes to the 
fore, but whereas the Irish master's works were often brutally, if 
brilliantly, cruel in their resultant image, Duncan's works show a 
true affection for her sitters and as a result it is a warm humour 
which shines through in these works.

It is in her beautiful graphite studies, however, that the inner nature
of Duncan's portraits really comes to life. Here, an impressive
use of subtle shading and a great eye for detail combine to
produce not so many portraits as visual biographies. Duncan admits to
being fascinated by people, their life stories, expressions, and emotions,
and this is clear from even a quick glance at her graphite work
. In terms of her art, pencil drawing is Duncan's first love, and her
skill at it matches the joy she gets from the work.

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